The AlwaysConnected App

Turn phone contacts into your own personal network. Personal contacts become dynamic connections with social media features. Leave business cards in your desk drawer and exchange contact info using your mobile phone.

Welcome to AlwaysConnected.Info, the website for the AlwaysConnected mobile app.  AlwaysConnected is available now in the Apple App Store and is coming soon to Android. Scan a QRCode below with your iPhone camera to download the Founder and/or Co-founder’s connection cards (and the app), or follow this link to download just the app.


(Go to your iPhone camera and point at a barcode to activate)

What can I do with the AlwaysConnected mobile app?

Make a connection card. Create a connection card for each of your business, avocation, and personal interests. Exchange them when you network and meet people in person. Choose the card that best describes the relationship you would like to create with your new contact. Choosing the right card will help keep the interest level high between you and your new contact.

Use the feed associated with each card to deliver timely updates to your contacts. Because each card has its own dedicated feed, its easier for you to deliver messages that are contextually consistent with the title of your connection card.

Features in the current version include:

  • free registration to enable creating and sharing connection cards, feed updates and messaging.
  • anonymous mode for smoother on-boarding as a new user.
  • simple and efficient exchange of connection cards using QRCode technology.
  • exchange cards via text messaging and email.
  • download QRCodes and display them on web pages and promotional posters.
  • direct messaging with your contacts.

Find out more about Connection Cards here.

AlwaysConnected is built on the ThreeSpaces multiple persona identity platform. You can find out how you can have your own customized connection card app here.